Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Journey Home - An SEOktoberfest Wrap Up

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The Journey Home - An SEOktoberfest Wrap Up

œStar Alliance World Wide Computer Failure are a number of shitty ass words to perceive sound in a morning at what time you are slated for a 45 min layover in 3 frequently time.

Sigh: So now, come again? do I do so as to Ive now person's name told my 11 serving of food journey rear house now turned eager on 31 hours.How concerning an SEOktoberfest wrap up?

First off, thanks to absolutely everybody who attended, spoke, helped, intended or was in any way involved: you all rocked.

SEOktoberfest was amazing: at what time you get so as to caliber of populace together, huge belongings forever appear to happen.The the majority amusing fraction had to be Rsnake, who was sincerely worried beforehand so as to no one counting be interested in come again? he was leaving to say.

Those concerns were, of course, unwarranted as he blew everybody absent throughout a 2 serving of food expression so as to had everybody (well all but 2 people) total entranced:

œand essential how you counting power the clack to any link on the page.Now lets go,shift on to uploading by means of happy legally to most important of servers approximately the world

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Thats not to say he was the merely star.Cygnus divide so as to present is indeed a use for twitter - and a damn high-quality one at that, Fantomaster talked concerning the bleeding edge of happy generation, and Matias divide me in a surface conversation two habits to get #1 rankings with no any links.

Yea - I presume I strength be clever to discover a use for that.

In fact, everybody who quick the mic totally rocked it.If it werent for the vow of silence so as to intended for so as to type of gratis swap of information, petroleum post counting be USEFUL rather supposed now INTERESTING.

Sorry guys.

By petroleum occasion tomorrow, Ill be rear house and rear to work.Expect a number of high-quality stuff on the blog in the not too distant future: counting a number of hot new tools Ive person's name enclosed off reviewing for additional supposed 2 months now.

What else can I say?

Im baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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