I got a huge query on mypost as of Ryan at . I figured it was value addressing in a post rather supposed leaving a actually extended comment.

Can you be so type and provide details why petroleum is:

œPrimary domains can go by a penalty to subdomains. Subdomains cant go by a penalty to a major domain if not the major domain holds a family member to the subdomain (ie. a link).

Happy to reply Ryan

Anytime I create a declaration similar to so as to I am more often than not creation a orientation to an exemption to the universal This-Is-My-Site -> This-Is-Google -> This-Is-The-Value stream of things. Sometimes Im a bit presumptuous in assuming readers caught the reference. In petroleum instance Im talking concerning the exception known to protect gratis chance as of penalties, chiefly persons who provide completely funding subdomains genuine as Hypermart, Xoom, Wordpress.com, Blogger, Tripod etc.This exemption cant merely wrap the well-liked gratis chance otherwise no new freehosts counting still place a chance. As almost immediately as contain got a solitary spammy consumer completely entire site might get banned and poof weapons completely legit business. Likewise algorithmically it cant wrap all gratis chance since after that the biggens similar to Wordpress.com and Typepad counting all be penalized. On a foresight petroleum counting too comprise profile feature communal livelihood genuine as Myspace and outbound connecting communal livelihood genuine as Delicious. Anyone keep in mind at what time Geocities livelihood second-hand to rank so well. Yet at the similar occasion by means of a lot of splog platforms out present physical reviews counting be a nightmare and unfeasible. So present is a row drawn. That row has to consist of a number of kind of association recognized by the main domain and the subdomain of a site thatll assess if the œsubsite belongs to the major site or if its a divide entity. By way of algorithms so as to association is extremely rough to determine. In information its damn close to not possible to do by means of 100% accuracy. Unfortunately for them, contain contain the burden of relying on interior connecting relationships recognized by the two construct counting comprise the on top of declaration as healthy as additional protective thought so as to counting encompass additional exceptions genuine as nonstatic links (like Furl & Delicious counting use).

This region of unsureness extra us SEO peeps space to do belongings genuine as make splogs and do subdomain spam.As extended as we be acquainted with come again? theyre charitable for (the antispam teams) we be acquainted with come again? not to provide. Most livelihood so as to hold ownership of completely subdomains link as of completely mainpage downward to the subpages to the subdomains and so on and so forth. So at what time in hesitation do the opposite. Itll give fewer of a possibility for a association recognized by the maindomain and subdomain to be establish and if the length of concerned concerning linkjuice get it as of additional abridged via deeplinks.